Building of local computer network

Reliable and secure local computer network in your premises.

  • From design to physical construction
  • Local ethernet network along with wifi for optimized coverage of your business property, house and flat
  • Setting up your local network according to different user access rights
  • Multiple subnets completely separated from one another (e.g, for more housing units, more organizations in the same place) or co-operating (e.g. within one organization - taking into account the organizational structure and types of connected devices)
  • Secure encrypted VPN connection to computers, cameras in your network - over the internet - from home, mobile phones
  • Integration of your media devices into the network
  • With routerboard Mikrotik systems or network devices of your choice
  • Optional integration of Synology NAS server (number of Synology apps available for server installation + user friendly GUI)
    • For use in a corporate network:
      • As an Active Directory controller for central management of users in the domain (no need of Windows Server, you save for licenses, and yet have the option to use RSAT for user management)
      • Or join an existing AD domain
      • Or as a LDAP directory server for the domain (without Windows Server) - to create users in the domain, set permissions for shared directories in the domain, users on client PCs (e.g. with Windows) log in to the domain
      • With services like DNS server, file server, web server, mail server, enterprise chat, advanced backup and replication, virtualization, VPN network access, services for IP camera systems
    • For a home use:
      • Directory and file sharing
      • Music and video streaming
      • Files backup
      • VPN access to the network
      • Management of your IP camera systems
      • However, you have the possibility to install on your NAS not only Synology applications, but also to choose from many others from Synocommunity or use Docker to install e.g. Home Assistant for management of smart devices you have at home. You will find apps for fun.
  • Optional integration of CentOS 7 server - to manage your corporate network
  • Technical support or your network management