Installation of CCTV systems

Camera System Installation

  • choice of IP or Turbo HD camera system to monitor your property, taking into account the price limit
  • design of number and types of cameras according to the total area of your monitored object, distance and light conditions, whether outside or inside, ...
  • design of appropriate storage for video from selected camera
  • installation of the camera system
  • integrating camera system into your local computer network possibly with setup of a new subnet for the cameras
  • setup of control software, including immediate responses to recorded events
  • setup of various access rights to camera system (management, operation)
  • setup of secure encrypted VPN connection (over the Internet) to cameras on your local computer network from your computer, mobile phone or tablet
  • technical support
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Installation of Hikvision camera systems

The use of CCTV systems is versatile. Mostly, however, as CCTV systems for the safety of persons, protection of property and prevention.

Saves video, lets you to watch a live picture or play an already saved record. With video analytics, you can set the camera system, e.g. to detect the person's intrusion into the monitored area e.g. your backyard. When an intrusion occurs, the alarm will be triggered and messages will be sent, for example, as SMS to preset mobile phone numbers. The live IP camera image can be accessed directly via Internet, eg. from mobile phone (restrictions according to the settings).

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We install Hikvision CCTV systems. We will deliver a Hikvision solution for any application of the camera system.

Hikvision produces a large number of cameras, implementing various hardware and software technologies, with different optics and, as a result, some cameras are more special, some cameras cover larger areas, some cameras are only suitable inside the building, some with excellent night vision, some in backlight, some for automatic tracking of the moving object, some designed for explosive environments, some for corrosive, some with up to 16MP resolution, some supporting video compression up to H265 +.

There's a variety of intelligence in cameras for detecting events in the captured image that can trigger alarms and send notifications.

To store video from cameras, Hikvision has a number of recorders available with different storage capabilities and various decoding capabilities.

Also cost effective Hikvision solutions have:

  • cameras with sharp, clear images
  • with the ability to use multiple detection alerts and notifications
  • with efficient data storage
  • with intuitive software for quick search in video.
  • We can install not only a new camera system but also extend your existing one. And you do not need to have it consisted of Hikvision cameras and Hikvision recorder. And some modern Hikvision recorders even have partly interfaces for old analog cameras so these still can be used.
  • We will present you a cost-effective camera system solution covering exactly what you specifically require.
  • We will inform you about possible extensions or limitations. Hikvision system is modular. One can start with a simplest one. One camera or more + one recorder.

    Let us suggest you a video surveillance solution for your premises in

  • offices
  • production and stores
  • hotel
  • house
  • apartment house
  • shop
  • buildings and surrounding space
  • parking
  • traffic
  • school
  • hospital
  • buses, trucks
  • or for any other application

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