Installation of Intrusion Alarm System

For intrusion alarm security, the Intrusion Alarm Panel is a key element. You can connect to it a number of different sensors placed in your premises and yard. Detected object violations trigger audible and visual alarms and send information to phones and emails. The Intrusion Alarm Panels offered on the market are different and offer various hardware and software options for sensor connections and alerting users. Essentially, different degrees of security and user convenience - for setup and control as well.

There are connection options on panel not only for sensors, but also for various expandable communicators or programmable output devices. These can then be used to control electrical appliances used in the house.

Hybrid Intrusion Alarm Panels enable connection of both wired and wireless devices. If you're just building a house, it's worth considering the deployment of wire sensors and control panels right now. For those who do not want to have cables pulled along the walls, there are panels designed for use just with wireless equipments.

We offer installation or sale of Eldes alarm system for your home, apartment or your premises.

Eldes has been dealing with alarm systems for 13 years. Their products are robust and mature enough to offer users the features that are important for safety and essential to the user's comfort. And all at an affordable price.