Intrusion Alarm Systems

Installation of Intrusion Alarm System

For intrusion alarm security, the Intrusion Alarm Panel is a key element. You can connect to it a number of different sensors placed in your premises and yard. Detected object violations trigger audible and visual alarms and send information to phones and emails. The Intrusion Alarm Panels offered on the market are different and offer various hardware and software options for sensor connections and alerting users. Essentially, different degrees of security and user convenience - for setup and control as well.

There are connection options on panel not only for sensors, but also for various expandable communicators or programmable output devices. These can then be used to control electrical appliances used in the house.

Hybrid Intrusion Alarm Panels enable connection of both wired and wireless devices. If you're just building a house, it's worth considering the deployment of wire sensors and control panels right now. For those who do not want to have cables pulled along the walls, there are panels designed for use just with wireless equipments.

We offer installation or sale of Eldes alarm system for your home, apartment or your premises.

Eldes has been dealing with alarm systems for 12 years. Their products are robust and mature enough to offer users the features that are important for safety and essential to the user's comfort. And all at an affordable price.


Eldes ESIM384 and ESIM364 are hybrid Intrusion Alarm Panels with an integrated GSM module. Both wired and wireless devices can be connected to them.

Eldes recommends ESIM384 up to 300m².

In case it detects an intrusion event, it can send an SMS alert or call to 10 preset phone number.

It can for example, over the Internet

  • Send a push alert message,
  • start recording of your camera system and
  • send current snapshot images directly to your email.

Power supply is protected against power failure with a backup battery, so it will keep working and also notify you when a power failure occurs.

Panel allows you to connect
  • Extending GSM and LAN communicators
  • Extending controllers with other programmable outputs
  • keyboards
  • keyfobs
  • wired and wireless motion detectors,
  • smoke detectors,
  • glass break detectors,
  • magnetic door and window contact sensors,
  • CO detectors,
  • water detectors,
  • temperature sensors
  • siren (external and internal),
  • microphone (for remote listening)

Advanced time schedule for up to 4 independent logical subsystems of the alarm system.

The alarm system can be turned on and off with

  • a comfortable wireless keyfob,
  • keyboard
  • from your mobile by SMS or call and
  • via internet - through Eldes Cloud.

You can view current status of your alarm system in Eldes Cloud or by sending SMS from your mobile phone to the panel.

Panel sends infoSMS about state of the system to your mobile phone according to the set timetable.

In addition to the house security itself, it allows the creation of an smart home ...

Possibility of controlling gate, garage door, switch on and off of heating, light, cooling system, smoke sensor reset . via programmable (PGM) outputs.

Possibility of remote switching on and off (via keyfob, keypad, SMS, Eldes Cloud or by schedule) for 230V electrical appliances such as lights, heating, irrigation - if plugged into power sockets that can be accessed wirelessly.

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